Course curriculum

    1. Introduction by Anastasia

    2. Theory

    3. Facial cupping technique

    4. Bonus video on crystals and stones

    5. Bonus video on self care

    6. PDF Manual

6 lessons of 1.5h of HD on demand video content with access on computer, tablet or mobile to a convenient learning platform. Certificate of completion included

  • $799.00
  • 6 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • Printable illustrated PDF manual
  • Access: 18 month
  • Technical support

Have you heard about facial cupping, a popular non-invasive therapy?

This ancient, holistic skincare technique is entering a renaissance, and everyone is talking about it! Learn it from a professional add it to your treatments right away! A great add-on to any services or a stand alone treatment. There are numerous videos with the improper cupping technique over Internet - and if you are a professional, you have to make sure you follow the correct one. With this course you get a correct protocol explained in details and shown how to incorporate into amazing experience that clients are looking forward to receive again.

The value:

  • In this online course you will learn the theory behind facial cupping - what is cupping, how it works, what are indications and contraindications, how to choose cups and oil for facial cupping. You will get a certificate of completion.

  • In the practical part you will learn different cupping techniques and how to incorporate this modality into a facial treatment. The practical lesson covers in detail a complete protocol that can last from 40 to 90 minutes and includes the following steps: grounding, cleansing, relaxing the upper body, cupping techniques for the upper body and face (lymph drainage, tension release, lifting and treating the problem areas, lines and wrinkles), then some optional add-ons and finishing the facial.

  • In the bonus modules you will learn about self care tips for estheticians and how to upgrade your treatments by using crystals. The lessons are supplemented with a PDF illustrated manual with all the essential theoretical information and practical instructions.


What others are saying

Anastasia has many students among professionals both in-person and online. Some feedback from them:

  • It was a dream to have Anastasia as a teacher! She is so gifted and generous in sharing her knowledge. I totally resonate with her energy and perspective and truly enjoyed everything from the course. Thank you! - Courtney @primallypure

  • This honestly was one of the best trainings I've done through the 10 years of my practice as an esthetician. I am excited to offer unique treatments now and stand out in my area - because no one offers facial massage here! Thank you! @valeria_aesthetics_dv

  • My cup is overflowing and I am so grateful to Anastasia for sharing with us so we may bring these gifts to our clients! @thehealthyesthi

  • @koshaspa did a wonderful job of walking us through the techniques and benefits of buccal massage and she is an absolute sweetheart and you can feel that! I can't wait to bring this treatment to all my patients! Already adding this option to my menu! @colleen_forthefacebayarea

  • I took multiple online classes from Anastasia and was able to offer services based on them right away. My practice boomed and after practicing with almost 0 clients I got my schedule very busy. Thank you for all the knowledge and techniques - it works and clients keep coming back! @anny_make

  • I am so grateful for Anastasia's courses! I didn't think it's possible to study facial massage online but she made it simple and clear and I were able to learn even the most complicated looking moves! I appreciate that she then answered my questions and guided me. Now I offer buccal, gua sha and cupping and simply love what i do! @sayo_facemassage

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