Anastasia Talan

licensed esthetician, with numerous diplomas and certificates in osteopathy, esthetics, massage techniques and business administration

In 2017 Anastasia founded a holistic facial studio KoSha Spa in Los Angeles that now has 6 professional therapists. The whole team offers upscale treatments and they are usually booked several weeks in advance. The SPA is often visited by A-list celebrities and it is featured on Vogue, Netflix, YouTube, Good Morning Britain, Poosh, Ellen Show, etc. Anastasia’s in person trainings are held quite rarely but they are in great demand among estheticians and massage therapists. Thanks to these brand new online courses even more professionals will be able to receive training and offer high-quality services to their clients

Buccal Massage

Facelift without surgeries and rehabilitation. Learn Hollywood stars favorite massage technique

Buccal massage is a natural facelift alternative, major TMJ release and deep emotional de-stress. Stand out of the market and differentiate your services. Celebrities favorite!
Facial cupping online course

Facial Cupping

Learn cupping massage and start offering your clients highly beneficial treatment with the best lymph drainage and relaxation effects

Facial cupping is an ancient non invasive massage technique that became a popular cosmetic and healing treatment
Facial cupping online course

Gua Sha Massage

Learn facial gua sha massage for a truly holistic approach to wellness and beauty and start offering this extremely popular service

Gua Sha is a healing technique that is very good for overall well-being of your clients, energy balance, stress release and of course it’s great for cosmetic concerns
Gua Sha online course


Complete online course for estheticians who want to start practicing reflexology right away without long theory studies or getting acupuncture/TCM license

Reflexology works great in combination with other massage techniques so you can easily incorporate it into your treatments
Reflexology online course

Facial Taping

Learn to apply facial taping to your clients for longer rejuvenating results of massage treatments

Facial taping works with blood circulation, lymph flow, muscles and deep tissues
Facial Taping online course

Face Massage Level 1

This online training for beginners features Anastasia’s signature techniques: lymphatic drainage, tension release and lifting

Manual massage is the best foundation and a must before you move to other techniques -you should be confident with your hands and really feel your clients’ needs with the tips of your fingers
Face Massage Level 1 online course

Face Massage Level 2

This online training features advanced techniques of myofascial release and working with specific aesthetic concerns

Facial massage is getting more and more popular. People are looking specifically for facial massage therapists for their skincare needs, overall well-being and stress management
Face Massage Level 2

Face Massage Level 1&2

This online training for beginners and advanced practitioners features Anastasia’s signature techniques: lymphatic drainage, tension release, lifting and myofascial massage

In this two level course of European massage you will learn beginner’s and advanced facial massage techniques including dry massage
Face Massage Level 1&2 online course

Holistic Esthetician

Start this 7-in-1 online course to learn Anastasia’s signature non-invasive skin care techniques for a truly holistic approach to wellness and beauty. After this course you will be able to offer your clients luxury and healing massage based treatments right away

This course is ideal for those who have received basic esthetician education and have an interest in offering non-invasive holistic treatments. As well as for qualified and experienced practitioners willing to bring their services to a new level and stand out
Face Massage Level 2