Have a reflexology tool and not sure how to use it? Learn Anastasia’s modern approach to reflexology massage that stimulates reflex points on the face for overall well-being, unique relaxing experience and rejuvenated skin. Ancient knowledge in a simplified form suitable for estheticians. It combines principles of holistic alternative therapies such as TCM, acupressure points, Vietnamese reflexology method and facial massage techniques but it doesn’t require long studies and getting acupuncture license. Not intended to officially treat anything, but rather to upgrade your service and offer a holistic stimulation to certain common problems your clients are facing. With this course you will be able to perform this form of treatment right away and increase the effectiveness of your practice.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction by Anastasia

    2. Theory

    3. Reflexology technique

    4. Bonus video on crystals and stones

    5. Bonus video on self care

    6. PDF manual

6 lessons of 2h of HD on demand video content with access on computer, tablet or mobile to a convenient learning platform. Certificate of completion included

  • $799.00
  • 6 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
  • Printable illustrated PDF manual
  • Access: 18 month
  • Technical support

The value:

  • This course is tailored for estheticians who want to upgrade their services and offer their clients this therapeutic modality right away. In the theoretical part you will learn how to choose reflexology tools, what are different approaches to performing reflexology treatments or add-ons, indications and contraindications.

  • In the practical part you will learn 4 ways how you can use reflexology methods in your treatment room: tension release (pressure points), massage with reflexology tools, intro to acupuncture points and zone-based reflexology (Dien Chan). These approaches meet the majority of aesthetic needs and also have a wide range of healing effects.

  • In the bonus modules you will learn about self care tips for estheticians and how to upgrade your treatments by using crystals. The lessons are supplemented with a PDF illustrated manual with all the essential theoretical information and practical instructions.


What others are saying

Anastasia has many students among professionals both in-person and online. Some feedback from them:

  • It was a dream to have Anastasia as a teacher! She is so gifted and generous in sharing her knowledge. I totally resonate with her energy and perspective and truly enjoyed everything from the course. Thank you! - Courtney @primallypure

  • This honestly was one of the best trainings I've done through the 10 years of my practice as an esthetician. I am excited to offer unique treatments now and stand out in my area - because no one offers facial massage here! Thank you! @valeria_aesthetics_dv

  • My cup is overflowing and I am so grateful to Anastasia for sharing with us so we may bring these gifts to our clients! @thehealthyesthi

  • @koshaspa did a wonderful job of walking us through the techniques and benefits of buccal massage and she is an absolute sweetheart and you can feel that! I can't wait to bring this treatment to all my patients! Already adding this option to my menu! @colleen_forthefacebayarea

  • I took multiple online classes from Anastasia and was able to offer services based on them right away. My practice boomed and after practicing with almost 0 clients I got my schedule very busy. Thank you for all the knowledge and techniques - it works and clients keep coming back! @anny_make

  • I am so grateful for Anastasia's courses! I didn't think it's possible to study facial massage online but she made it simple and clear and I were able to learn even the most complicated looking moves! I appreciate that she then answered my questions and guided me. Now I offer buccal, gua sha and cupping and simply love what i do! @sayo_facemassage

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